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Nancy E. - Wisconsin, USA

Antonia S. - Berlin, Germany

“Amy Tarantino-Trafton is not only an excellent piano teacher and caring person, but also an experienced teacher who is dedicated to her students. She is able to discover and encourage their strengths, creating trust and a pleasant teaching atmosphere, while bringing about confidence and improvement. Dr. Tarantino-Trafton prepared me for my university auditions to pursue a degree in opera singing, with a minor in piano. She was great with choosing repertoire that was appropriate for me and suitable to the exam requirements, so that I could have a very comfortable, calm and successful audition. I would definitely recommend Dr. Tarantino-Trafton to anyone."ne.”

"Dr. Tarantino is an amazing teacher! My kids had her as a piano teacher for four years while we were living in Germany. Her resume and recommendations stood out from the beginning. She is not only a talented and knowledgeable pianist and teacher who imparts good learning techniques, but is also very professional, and genuinely kind and committed. Pacing them along the way, her lessons were always full of enthusiasm, leading to great improvement in a short period of time and a love for music my kids still carry today. Having the opportunity to have her as our piano teacher again is a gift, and I would recommend her at any moment."

Rovana G. - Mannheim, Germany

"Amy is a wonderful, competent and patient piano teacher.  She understands the different learning styles of both myself and my daughter and was able to accommodate us both together in joint lessons.  She instilled confidence and encouraged us each week to push ourselves and learn new, exciting and challenging music pieces. She is engaging, motivating and makes each lesson fun.  We have certainly learnt a great deal in a short space of time.  I would definitely recommend her."

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